From the Pastor Fr. Joseph Illo


Welcome to Star of the Sea Catholic Church, a Stewardship Parish. You may not have ever stepped foot into our church, but I offer a daily prayer for everyone who visits our website in my morning devotions. We hope our site inspires you to visit our community in the near future.

We keep our beautiful church on busy Geary Boulevard open all day to provide an oasis of prayer and Christian community for all who seek peace in an increasingly uncertain world.  We place great emphasis on the primacy of prayer, especially through the sacramental life of the Church. Our Mission is to evangelize God’s people, beginning with the gift of the Holy Eucharist.

The center of our parish life is the Holy Mass and Eucharistic adoration, along with frequent confessions (available 20 minutes before every Mass). A deep devotion to the Mother of God, under her title Star of the Sea (the Golden Gate Bridge lies within our parish boundaries) guides us to these Sacraments of Christ. We ask you to consider joining us in our stewardship mission of bringing the world to the Eucharist with Our Lady.

If you are visiting our site from far away, please pray for us and our mission here in beautiful San Francisco. If you live nearby, we warmly invite you to join us for Mass, adoration, and weekday evening prayer at 5:45pm.

I hope to meet you personally one day, and meanwhile pray for your health and holiness.

Thank you for visiting our parish site!

Fr. Joseph Illo, Pastor


Are you a non-practicing Catholic?

Curious about revisiting your Catholic roots? Whether you are motivated by a spirit of inquiry, or are seeking a return to the Sacraments, Star of the Sea Parish can help you achieve a greater understanding of the Gospel and God’s unrelenting love for us.

Are you non-Catholic? 

Welcome! You may be curious about our beliefs and practices, may wish to join us for the various activities of the parish (such as the lecture series) or are interested in experiencing our liturgical life. In all instances, our priests and parishioners will be most willing to answer your questions.

Are you Catholic? 

Saints and spiritual writers throughout history have never tired of reminding us of the efficacy of the Sacraments and of prayer, especially communal prayer. Take advantage of the opportunity to sanctify the day by joining us for the Divine Office, the Rosary and Adoration. Praying with and for each other is a shortcut to God’s heart as well as a means to conquering evil in our world and in our lives!