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The Creighton Model System:

The Creighton Model Fertility Care System is a standardized modification of the Billings Ovulation Method. It is built on Research, Education and Service focused on knowing and understanding the naturally occurring phases of fertility and infertility. Through this understanding, the couple is able to make decisions regarding the achievement or avoidance of pregnancy. In addition it provides women of all reproductive age groups the added benefit of being able to monitor, maintain their procreative and gynecological health over a lifetime. It is a unique method of fertility regulation and relies upon a sign – the discharge of cervical mucus that is essential to human fertility. Because of this, the CrMS is the most precise of all natural methods.

The CrMS can be used at any stage of a couple’s reproductive life. It can be used if a woman has regular or irregular cycles, breastfeeding or premenopausal. In addition the system offers new hope to the evaluation and treatment of infertility.

History and Background:

On July 25th, 1968, Pope Paul VI issued his encyclical letter Humanae Vitae (of Human Life) where he put forth the teaching of the Catholic Church on the topics of contraception and abortion as a violation of the true meaning of marriage and are to be rejected. To uphold the teachings he made appeals to public authorities, men of science, Christian spouses, the apostolate of spouses, doctors and healthcare professionals, priests and bishops to assist him in bringing this teaching to the people. The Creighton Model System is a direct response to the challenge presented in the “Pastoral Directives” of Humane Vitae.

Research in the natural regulation of human fertility began. officially, on April 1, 1976.

Pope John Paul II had continued to evolve the teachings of Humanae Vitae in his exhortation to families entitled Familiaris Consortio and in his encyclical letter of 1995 entitled Evangelium Vitae (the Gospel of Life).

In 1985, the Pope Paul VI Institute of Human Reproduction, a specific research, education and service institute was opened in Omaha, Nebraska, in direct response to the challenges to “men of science” originally issued by Pope Paul VI.

The American Academy of Fertility Care Professionals was founded and developed and is responsible for the conduct and accreditation of certification programs for Creighton Model Professionals.  Creighton model programs have been established in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Learning Schedule:

Adequate instruction is essential for learning and gaining confidence in use of the Creighton Model System of FertilityCare.  To learn and apply the CrMS to your own situations, the introductory session is followed by a series of individual teaching appointments.  The appointments are designed to enable each client to quickly gain confidence in her observations as she applies the appropriate CrMS instructions to her particular situation.

One Introductory Session and eight follow up appointments are scheduled over the first year of use.  The first 4 appointments are scheduled at intervals of 2 weeks.  The last 4 are scheduled at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

Cost of the Program:

All clients enter the program with a static Introductory and follow up fee of $50. Materials cost $35. Sliding scale and payment plans are available on a case by case basis.


The Creighton Model Fertility Care System: A standardized case management approach to teaching.  Second Edition. Thomas W Hilgers M.D et al.