Marriage and Family Apostolate

If you are married, engaged, and/or parents please join our NEW Marriage and Family Apostolate! The group focuses on fellowship, Catholic formation, and Eucharistic prayer.
The group launched in December and meets 1-2 times a month.

Join our communication channels below to learn about upcoming events! We look forward to meeting you soon! 

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Leads: Christina Sullivan and Maggie Takita:


First Friday of the month Family Adoration drop in anytime between 10am to 4pm to pray

Family Felowship on Sunday Jan 23rd, 2-4pm at Presidio Wall Playground aka Julius Kahn Park

Meet some of our Members

The Sullivan Family on the left (Christina Sullivan Marriage and Family Apostolate co-lead), Fr. Joseph Illo pastor, and The Maleski Family on the right.

Simon Takita and Maggie Takita (Marriage and Family Apostolate co-lead) on their wedding day at Star of the Sea.