Bulletin, June 27, 2021


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  1. Julie Lenti Danielson

    So very wonderful to see you and read all about your work and dedication at Star of the Sea. The Parishioners are so lucky to have you….as we were at St. Joseph’s in Modesto!
    Father, I just celebrated my 70th Birthday!!!
    I still get back to Modesto from Elk Grove and miss the Parish family there. I am now at Good Shepherd in Elk Grove for seven years now. Our new Pastor, Father Michael Vaughan has heard of you. He is a holy priest and we now have Eucharistic Adoration every Wednesday with confessions.
    I am helping a bit with the set up of the Holy Hour.

    Miss you, Father, God Bless you and we must get to San Francisco to see you.
    Take good care , Father!

    Dear Father Chung,

    It was a pleasure to have you celebrate Holy Mass at St Gianna’s, even if you arrived during scorching, record-breaking heat of 115 or higher! We spoke briefly twice and I gave you and Abbe’ Molisse a small bag of chocolate goodies. Although we’d love to have you back, it’s ultimately up to Canon Talarico, our U. S. Provincial Superior.

    Do you publicly celebrate Latin Mass at your parish? (I didn’t see it on the website.)

    Deus benedicat tibi semper.


    Paula Hernandez
    St Gianna, Tucson email: hotpolarbear@hotmail.com

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