April 10, 2022


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  1. Stephen McCormick

    Can you include the Year Cycle for the Sunday readings (A,B,or C) on the line where you have as an example in this Sunday’s bulletin:

    ‘Palm Sunday (page 158 in the red missal Year C)’

    The inclusion of the Year C as I inserted above would help many of us. I’m not alone on this as I’ve asked others who are turning the missal pages trying to match the pages to the readings from the ambo. Hearing loss and typical acoustic sound distortion on the audio sysyems makes hearing the readings difficult for many of us ‘younger’ parishioners. Having the reading Cycle Year shown can help many of us.

    • Dear Stephen,
      In our bulletin I post the page of the readings on the year that we use. So without adding Year C the number that you see will be found in our red missals. I hope this note is helpful.

  2. I forward to my bible studies group (80 members mainly from Hongkong)
    Telling them what has happened in Ukraine

    Thank you Fr. Joseph

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