Palm Sunday  9:30am (English), 11:30am (Latin), 5:30pm (English)
Holy Thursday 7:30pm (English)
Good Friday  12noon (English) 
Holy Saturday  8:30pm Easter Vigil (English) 
Easter Sunday   9:30am (English), 11:30am (Latin)
Fr. Cameron Faller’s rosary and novena prayers to St. Jude and Divine Mercy (seven days a week at 5pmGood Friday  12noon (English) 

Dear Friends,
Palm Sunday
On Sunday we enter the holiest week of the year with Palm Sunday. Remember these words of St. Paul: “We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). God calls each of us to his sacred purposes, and he cannot fail in his call and promise. Try to let nothing disturb you.
Fr. Taheny will offer at Mass at 9:30am, I will offer the Latin Mass at 11:30am, and Fr. Faller will offer a Mass at 5:30pm, just after his 5pm rosary and novena to St. Jude. All of these Masses will be live streamed at those times, and blessed palms will be available in the church throughout the day. Please keep a careful social distance, use the hand sanitizers now installed at the doors, and do not enter the church if you are feeling COVID symptoms. The CDC is now recommending use of face masks outside of our homes. 
Novenas and Consecrations
Fr. Faller continues praying the rosary every day at 5pm in our chapel, followed by novena prayers, which you can join via live stream. The St. Jude Novena concludes April 7, and then our Divine Mercy Novena will be April 10-18. I continue with the 33-day Consecration to St. Joseph from March 30thto May 1stusing Fr. Donald Calloway’s fine book Consecration to St. Joseph, with a daily reflection on my blog (HERE). 
Formed, not Netflix!
You could spend these weeks of quarantine getting addicting to Netflix, or you could go more deeply into the treasures of our beautiful faith. For that there is www.formed.org. Here are some recommendations, especially for this holiest week of the year:
MOVIEThe life and passion of Jesus through the eyes of our Blessed Mother:https://watch.formed.org/mary-of-nazareth
MOVIE: An animated movie for your kids about the life and passion of Jesus: https://watch.formed.org/the-witnesses-trilogy/season:1/videos/god-with-us

TALK:about Holy Week:https://watch.formed.org/holy-week-by-dr-brandt-pitre/videos/holy-week

Insightful VIDEOon the Institution of the Masshttps://watch.formed.org/symbolon-the-catholic-faith-explained/season:2/videos/walk-through-the-mass-exploring-the-sacred-liturgy
VIDEO for Good Friday on Jesus’ Paschal Mystery: https://watch.formed.org/symbolon-the-catholic-faith-explained/season:1/videos/the-paschal-mystery-the-mystery-of-jesus-s-death-resurrection
VIDEO for Holy Saturday, a meditation on the question: what happens when I die?https://watch.formed.org/symbolon-the-catholic-faith-explained/season:1/videos/the-last-things-what-happens-after-we-die
SERIES: for the Easter season on how Jesus remains with us https://watch.formed.org/presence
Registering for FORMED is quite simple:
1.     Go to https://signup.formed.org/
2.     enter our parish name & zip (Star of the Sea & 94118)
3.     enter your name and email
4.    Check your email for a link to begin enjoying FORMED

Fr. Joseph Illo, Pastor