Activities and Ministries


  • Star Outreach
    Parishioners practice the Corporal Acts of Mercy by collecting and distributing food and clothing for the needy. Contact: Jacqueline Paras
  • Hospitality
    Our parish is warm and inviting thanks to the many parishioners who make sure there’s food at most of our events.  Contact: Michael Haring
  • Monthly Barbecue
    A great way to get introduced to our parish is to come to our First Sunday BBQ at 2:30pm.  We like to switch things up every so often serving everything from burgers to kufta! Contact: Michael Haring
  • Gabriel Project
    The main goal of the Gabriel Project is to make sure pregnant women are taken care of.  This is a project of Star Outreach. Contact: Jacqueline Paras
  • Legion of Mary
    The goal of the Legion of Mary at our parish is to reengage fallen away Catholics back into our faith. Meets Saturdays at 9:30am in the Parish Office. Contact: Purificacion Abesmis
  • Church Guardians
    Parishioners volunteer to stay in the church throughout the day to keep an eye on things so that we can keep the church open all day for visitors.  Contact: Sonya Lee


  • Bible Study
    Once a week, parishioners study the Sacred Scriptures at the parish office under the guidance of patristics scholar Prof. Mary Ann Eiler.  Contact: Mary Ann Eiler
  • Star Speakers Series
    Once a quarter, Star hosts talks at the intersection of faith and culture.  Past speakers have included fiction author Maria Fiorella Nash and astrophysicist Maria Elena Monzani. Contact: Mariella Zevallos
  • Grammar School
    Skilled communicators. Thinkers and life-long learners. Active faith-filled Christians. Responsible, globally aware stewards. Contact: Terry Hanley
  • Pre-school
    Its goals include promoting the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of each child. Jacqueline Parras
  • Lighthouse Media Kiosk
    Our mini trust bookstore!  You can buy all kinds of Catholic books, CDs and DVDs. Contact Claire Herrick
  • Natural Family Planning Class
    Want to learn how to manage your fertility in a way that is open to the beauty of life? Contact: Preetha Valentino
  • Children’s CCD
    The primary educators of their children are parents.  But it helps to get a little help!  Contact: Lorna Ferria
  • Social Media
    Our social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. A small team of dedicated people keep this alive!  Contact: Eva Muntean


  • Tuesday Night Holy Hour Ed Tobin
  • Evening of Recollection Msgr. Kelley
  • Perpetual Adoration Project Leslie Low
  • Marian Movement of Priests Sonya Lee
  • 2K rosaries Puri Abesamis
  • Pilgrimage Martin Ford
  • Holy Name Wayne Racek
  • Holy Rosary Catarina Rausa
  • Gudalupanas Carmen Smith


  • Altar Boys Ed Tobin
  • Vespers Purificación Abesamis
  • Sacred Music Program Brendon Ford
  • Altar Society Thelma Queri


  • Chinese American Association Gertrude Lee
  • FAASTAR Esterlle Chan
  • Bikers (Sons of Orthodoxy)  Ryan Sebers
  • Holy Hour Happy Hour Martin Ford
  • The St. Philip Neri Brewing Company


  • Parish Council Ryan Sebers
  • Finance Council John Selai
  • Money Counters Chuck Lamere